HVKBP COVID 19 Guidelines

Personal Guidelines:

  • Facial coverings must be worn to enter the park
  • Please respect the social distancing rule of at least 6 feet for patrons not of the same household.
  • No groups greater than 10 persons shall congregate
  • All beachgoers must have facial coverings available and ready to use always
  • Beachgoers must be able to show their mask upon request by local authority
  • Facial coverings must be worn in restrooms
  • Sunbathing or sitting on individually owned beach chairs and or beach towels, where permitted a minimum of 6 feet apart.
  • No canopies or tents
  • Please be respectful and patient with our staff members during this difficult time. We are trying to promote a healthy park for everyone to enjoy

What is Open:

  • The Historic Beach
  • The north side of HVKBP
  • Picnic tables distanced at 10 ft apart (2 tables per space)
  • Chickee Village Area (small chickees only)
  • Restrooms

What Is NOT Open:

  • Playgrounds and Volleyball nets
  • Picnic Pavilions
  • Historic Carousel
  • Park Office
  • Barbecue Grills